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The Property Wealth Blueprint
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From: Rasti Vaibhav

Dear Freedom Seekers,

Did you know that over 56% of Australians do not have enough money to retire? Would you like to be one of the growing numbers of Australians who successfully have their retirement paid for?

  • Are you stressed about not having enough money to live a quality lifestyle when you retire?
  • Would you like the freedom to decide if to work or when to work?
  • Would you like a plan to become rich and retire early?
If you want to build your wealth systematically and start living life by design, this is the step-by-step guide for you.
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This book is filled with practical examples, tips and case studies and you will learn how to: 

 ✅ Achieve financial freedom with positive cash flow properties

 ✅ Create and leverage your team of successful experts

Recognise and embrace risks for your benefit

 ✅ Avoid mistakes in reusing equity to build your portfolio

 ✅ Strategically build a robust property portfolio.
Stop working hard for money and start
making your money work harder for you.
The time to act is NOW!
Fast Track your Financial
Freedom by Property Investing

In this book, you'll be able to go out and find your financial freedom soon if you apply the Get RARE model.

You will get every single element of step by step process of acquiring the property in this brand new book titled "The Property Wealth Blueprint."

No filler, no fluff.

This book will help you build your robust property portfolio systematically dynamically.
About Your Property Partner
Rasti's philosophy is to partner with you, guide you, take you step-by-step through the process on building your wealth through property.

Rasti (B.Arch, M.Comp, CFA) is Australia's go-to property portfolio strategist who has revolutionised how aspiring Australians build multi-million dollar portfolios.

As a self-made portfolio owner himself, Rasti uses his unique blueprint combining strategic diversification and sharp negotiation skills tailored for his clients' circumstances through his Buyers Advisory business: Get RARE Properties
His mission is to educate and empower people to be successful property investors.
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Just Pay $9.95 for Shipping and Handling Costs!
What Others Have To Say...
Ben Handler
Founder & CEO - Buyer’s Agent Institute
Essential property wisdom. A beautiful and humble picture of the impact property can have on your life. A must-read if you are seeking to transform your financial situation.
This book gives access to the property wealth blueprint that reveals the thinking behind why many real estate investors fail and how you can make sure you don't. I love this book because it guides you through building a realistic and achievable plan that works for you. It takes into consideration how risk-averse you might be as well as your circumstances. 
Carole Issa
Founder at Leadership
Dale Beaumont
Founder & CEO of Business Blueprint

This is a practical guide for anyone who wants to build wealth through property. It's personal, full of great examples and to the point. I highly recommend you read this book today.
What Are Others Saying About
“The Property Wealth Blueprint”?
When I started reading his book, it was totally him, and I was hooked to the red pills he drops. I think lots of the “Establishment” won’t like this book, in that he’s telling you the secrets that you need to know, that they don’t want you to know. I love it! Highly recommended. This book is written by a smart guy with a heart of gold and ENJOY!
Edward Zia 
Marketing Mentor & Master Coach
Jeremy Carter
CEO of Rapport Leadership

Rasti has put together a plain English no-nonsense guide to help the rest of us do what he has done, which is to build a leveraged residual income stream in the fastest time possible, avoiding many of the expensive traps that others fall prey to. Investing in your financial education is a smart investment.
My wife and I felt so comfortable with Rasti explaining and taking into account all relevant factors for the purchasing conversation. What I loved the most is that he is not only looking at a single property deal; he is supporting you in the whole journey - from planning and implementation of the property strategy. Thank you.
Markus & Gergana Winzer
Get RARE Properties clients

Start making your hard-earned money work harder for you. 

Many of my clients are in the process of achieving their financial independence by investing in property, leveraging my specialist knowledge and expertise to make wise, informed decisions.

I want to help as many Australians as possible - people like you - escape the 9-to-5 grind and gain time to spend with your loved ones.

This book is a part of my vision.
Get Your FREE Copy Now!
Just Pay $9.95 for Shipping and Handling Costs!
Are you tired of working in your 9 to 5 job?

STOP waiting for the perfect time or conditions, and fast track your financial freedom allowing you to spend time with your loved ones and pursue your hobbies.

So if you are wondering how to make that change, now might be a good time⁣⁣.

Start planning for your future today, and consider property investments to boost your financial conditioning.⁣⁣

The question is...
how would you like to start? Grab this book NOW!

This Book will TRANSFORM your entire property portfolio, and life like it has mine.
Because it's tried and tested.
You won’t regret it.
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Just Pay $9.95 for Shipping and Handling Costs!
What Are Others Saying About
“The Property Wealth Blueprint”?
Matt Alderton
CEO & Founder, Bx – Business Networking
Rasti's book makes the building of a property portfolio a skill anyone can learn and implement. Rasti has profound energy, and the simple language used makes it easy to digest.

highly recommend Rasti and his Get RARE model for strategically building your property portfolio. A true inspiration! This book is a must-have for property wealth success!

This book introduces you to critical concepts such as leverage, compounding and risk-adjusted returns from the perspective of a master financial analyst. 

There is no hiding his passion for helping everyday investors extricate themselves from the multitude of investors not achieving their goals. 

Mike Mortlock
Managing Director, MCG Quantity Surveyors

Mona & Vik Arora 
Directors of Sealumet Group Companies

A well-structured and concise transcript reflects Rasti's extensive knowledge, sharp clarity and expertise in the real estate investment discipline.

It's a reflection of his own success story in the real estate sphere, which has the potential to pave the way for many new and existing investors.

In this book, I will teach you the proven stress-free steps to grow your wealth and make your hard-earned money work harder for you.

Also, you will learn to build a diverse property portfolio that will generate a passive income for you year after year, allowing you to achieve your financial freedom sooner.

Besides this, you will understand how to create a positively geared portfolio of rental properties that will pay you an excellent annual salary, enabling you to quit the ‘nine-to-five grind’.

Moreover, the net asset base will grow further as the value of your property continues to rise over time.

I wrote this book so you can fast track your financial freedom by:
  1. Setting a precise and personalised strategy to build a risk-aware property portfolio
  2. Ensuring that you buy the right properties, at the right locations and for the right price, and
  3. Having a relevant team in place to help you build your property portfolio.
Are you eager to build wealth through investment in property for accomplishing your lifestyle goals?
Envision it, Design it and then Execute it.
In a nutshell, you need a strategy to serve as the blueprint in order to develop your robust property portfolio.

90 per cent of Australian property investors never get past two properties. On the other hand, less than 1 per cent of property investors in Australia hold five or more properties. Given these statistics, I wonder if it is conclusive that property investing is not working for most property investors.

Isn’t this thought-provoking?

The strategy I have shared in the book will make you stand apart as a successful property investor.
A good strategy can make all the difference to your portfolio—it is the leap between having 1-2 investment properties and 5+ properties.

Also, it is a more holistic approach than many people might think. The best part of property investing, if done strategically, is that it can help you fast track your financial freedom. I firmly believe that successful investing is a very specialised activity and should not be done casually.

To highlight this point and share my insights from my successful property investing experiences, I could not help but write this book. Would you like it?

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